The Crafty+ Vaporizer

New and Improved For 2020Crafty+ Vaporizer

The Crafty+ is a new and improved version of the highly rated Crafty vaporizer, which took the vaporizer market by storm and set the standard for portable vaporizers

The Crafty+ benefits from a new design, improved grip and feel of it and the electronics and circuit board optimized. The heat-up time is 30% quicker and a ‘super-boost’ feature allows you to get to the maximum temperature of 210°C.

Like its predecessor, the Crafty+ is for use with dry herbs or concentrates. The Crafty+ also has an extra 1 year warranty upon registration, added to the 2 year warranty which comes with it.

Quality and Precision

Crafty+ Vaporizer Top View

As you would expect from Storz & Bickel, the materials used to create the Crafty+ are of the highest quality. The cooling unit is made from a high-grade, heat-resistant and food-safe plastic which is often used for surgical implants.

The Crafty+ uses both conduction and convection heating styles.  These have been optimized to reduce the heat up time in comparison to the original Crafty. The combination of these two heating styles have been proven to heat up herbs both efficiently and evenly. The heating element mass has been reduced, enabling the Crafty+ to reach 180°C within 60 seconds. Crafty+ Vaporizer Side View

The Crafty+ pre-set temperature of 180 celcius delivers surprising clouds. You can increase this at the touch of a button to 195c or the new Super Boost of 210c. These presets can also be changed with the “Crafty Remote Control App”  or the Storz & Bickel Web App

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