Volcano Vaporizer FAQ’s

At Volcano Vaporizer UK we will answer any questions you might have regarding the Volcano or it’s accessories. Please read through are FAQ’s before contacting us as we have answered the most popular questions here..









What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano Vaporizer is a state of the art aromatherapy vaporizer that heats the active ingredients contained in herbs and other plant material to the point of vaporization, but before the point of smoke producing combustion.


What is the Volcano Vaporizer Used for?

The Volcano Vaporizer can be used for aromatherapy as well as a safer alternative to traditional smoking. It can also be used to help you quit smoking. It can also be used to heat scented herbs and oils to add aroma to a room, like a scented candle. According to a recent VOGUE Magazine article, chefs are even using the Volcano Vaporizer to add flavoring to food.


Why does the Volcano Vaporizer cost more than other Vaporizers?

Each and every Volcano Vaporizer we sell is hand crafted in Germany by German Manufacturer Storz & Bickel. Markus Storz (the inventor of The Volcano) spared no expensive in the development of the Volcano Vaporizer. The Volcano is precision engineered to attain the maximum efficiency from your plant materials while taking your lungs into consideration. While there are cheaper vaporizers out there to be had, we are confident that the Volcano Vaporizer System is the best and most efficient vaporizer ever conceived. Simply put, the Volcano Vaporizer is the best Vaporizer money can buy.


What is the difference between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit?
Is it worth the extra money?

The main difference between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit besides price lies in the Volcano Digit’s digital temperature readout and more precise temperature control. The Volcano Digit offers temperature accuracy of +/- 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit while the Volcano Classic offers temperature accuracy of +/- 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The Volcano Digit also offers a larger temperature range of 104-446 degrees compared to the Volcano Classics range of 226-446 degrees. Both models are fully interchangeable with either the Solid Valve system or the Easy Valve system. In addition each model offers advanced air filtration and our newly enhanced ‘silencer’ which makes the Volcano operate very quietly. While the Volcano Digit is more suitable for applications which require the most precise of temperature control it should be noted that while the Volcano Classic offers a 3 year warranty, the Volcano Digit due to its sophisticated interior workings only offers 2 years of warranty service. We secretly think that the Volcano Classic is the better value of the two but the choice is yours!


Which Valve Set should I select?

This really depends on what type of person you are. If you are a Person who doesn’t want to bother with cleaning and dismantling pieces, the Easy Valve set is probably for you. But, if you don’t mind a little bit of additional maintenance and do not frequently travel with your Volcano the Solid Valve kit might be a better choice for you.


What happens if my Volcano Vaporizer malfunctions?

While this is rare, we recommend that you send the complete device back to Storz & Bickel with all parts completely cleaned. If the defect has occurred because of a material or construction error within the warranty period of 3 years from date of purchase, Storz & Bickel will fix the Volcano Vaporizer free of charge. If the defect was caused by you, (i.e. because you dropped your Volcano Vaporizer), Storz & Bickel will send you an estimate for the repair and will do the repair as soon as you have agreed to accept their estimate.


Can I also order individual parts?

Yes, of course. If you lose or damage parts of the valve set (valve, filling chamber, mouthpiece), you can order any of these individual parts directly from us. We also sell Volcano Vaporizer replacement balloons at a minimal price.


What maintenance is required?

Once every twelve months or so it may be necessary to replace the filling chamber screens and air filters. We include 2 extra sets of screens & two extra air filters with each Volcano Vaporizer.


If using the Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve Set:

After every 100-150 balloon fillings we recommend that you disassemble and completely clean your valve set with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This should only take about 5-10 minutes. At this time you should also attach a new vapor balloon. You can purchase them directly from us..


If using the Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Set:

After every 100-150 balloon fillings simply discard the Vapor Balloon and Mouthpiece and replace it with a new one. The filling chamber is not disposable and will require cleaning. Simply dismantle the filling chamber and use the included cleaning brush to remove any debris. Rubbing alcohol will greatly assist in this process.


What do the numbers on the Volcano Classic Vaporizer stand for?

The scale ranges from 1-9, corresponding to temperatures of 266°F to 439°F. You will find a full overview on the temperature table which is included with your Volcano Vaporizer. Many users report that a setting of ‘5’ Is optimal on the Volcano Classic. On the Digital Model(Volcano Digit) we recommend you start at a temperature of 360F.


Can plant matter burn in the Volcano?

No. That can happen with other Vaporizers, but not with the Volcano. The user’s safety has always been the top priority of Storz & Bickel. The Volcano has specifically been designed so that air temperatures above 447°F in the filling chamber cannot be reached.


Which temperature should I select?

The vapor build-up in the balloon is very easy to observe and the user learns within a very short space of time how to most efficiently operate the Volcano Vaporizer. You will know that the temperature setting is correct when a fine, white mist is seen. Vapor which is barely visible indicates that either the temperature is too low or the material to be vaporized has nothing left in it to give off. Many users report that a setting of ‘5’ Is optimal on the Volcano Classic. On the Digital Model(Volcano Digit) we recommend you start at a temperature of 360F.


Does the balloon give off any substances which are then inhaled by the user?

No, none at all – Storz & Bickel has applied the maximum possible care and diligence in all materials which come into contact with the air inhaled. As balloon material we use oven bags which are perfectly suitable for this purpose and can be purchased almost everywhere. Oven bags are normally used to cook food in the oven at temperatures up to 450°F. If used with the Volcano the hot air only has a maximum temperature of 266°F when it enters the balloon. Due to the large surface of the balloon the air is cooled so that it can be inhaled immediately after filling the balloon. Oven bags do not contain any softeners and are food-safe, tasteless and heat-proof.


How long does shipping take?

We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. If you are in the uk your Volcano will be shipped via DHL. If you are outside of the UK, your Volcano will be shipped one of the Mail services we use.


Where do you ship to?

We will ship the Volcano Vaporizer anywhere provided that it is approved for use in your home country and your power supply is 220-240 volts.


Do you have other plug/voltage types available?

No. We only have the European Model 240v units available.

f you live in the USA or CANADA and require a 110 volt Volcano Vaporizer, then we recomend you purchase direct from the manufactures using this link